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Already have a beat? Let's get you in front of an A-Class studio mic and produce punchy, in tune, high quality vocal tracks! 

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Let's make a hit! From the right song to a fresh sound, let's produce your next radio and Spotify ready single!

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Make it sound huge! We've mixed and mastered gold & platinum records. Send stems, we'll show you what we can do!

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Let's find your signature! Great artists have their sound. Let our music producers help bring yours to life!

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Start it up! Let's put together a basic pro demo for your grant, online platform or to work towards your next single!

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It starts with the song! We have award winning songwriters who can help you turn a voice note into a hook driven song! 


Songmill Studios is a Montreal recording studio; home base as the leading studio in a collective of award winning songwriters and multiple Gold and Platinum music producers with both Montreal recording studios and Toronto based facilities working on everything from single session recordings up to large scale label projects.

Our combined backgrounds include loads of personal record and publishing deals, touring, radio singles, you name it. We’ve been through it as artists ourselves, some of us still active radio supporter artists, and have helped countless other artists develop singles for their project and team to properly showcase what they got to the world and start turning heads in the industry. Learn more.

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Who We've Work With

Recent projects include songs for these major record labels, indies and organizations.

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We don’t just hit record and hope for the best, we make hit singles.

Our approach is to recognize those unique ‘wow’ elements from an artist’s message, voice and vision that we can highlight in a song to truly develop pro records that stand out from the rest.

We put together the right musical team and music producers around each project. From helping to write the right songs by bringing in our award winning songwriters to getting an undeniable vocal performance recorded guided by our pro vocal producers, we are with the artist every step of the way.

As every artist is unique, for more info, contact us and it would be our pleasure to chat together about what we can bring to your project specifically.

Recent Projects

A few recent songs with notable commercial radio success we were involved with:

Serena Ryder - Album Cover

Serena Ryder
"Together We Are One"

- #1 CBC Radio 2 Top 20 Charts
- Synced to "Cirque Du Soleil" Performance
- Synced to fireworks display off of CN Tower

Olivier Dion - Album Cover

Olivier Dion
"Sortir De L'Ombre"

- #1 on Major Radio stations
throughout Montreal / Quebec
- Multiple Major Quebec TV syncs

Bobby John - EP Cover

Bobby John

- #1 on Montreal / Quebec Radio stations
- Success Of The Week on
Quebec Official Palmares Radio Chart


It starts with a conversation. Where are you at, where do you want to go and are you ready to bring on a pro team.
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