Here are only a few of the most requested recording and production services offered by Songmill Studio.
Whatever your recording studio needs may be, don’t be shy to reach out to us and it would be our pleasure to assist.

Vocal Recording - Songmill Studios icon


Let's make that voice shine! If you already have an instrumental, our vocal producers will guide you through your best vocal performance and deliver tuned and pristine vocal tracks that pop.
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Single Production - Songmill Studios icon


Let's make your next Spotify hit! we'll guide you every step of the way from writing the right song, recording a hit vocal performance and developing the right sound for your next single.
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Mixing and Mastering - Songmill Studios icon


A pro mix can bring a production to life and give it a commercial edge ready to compete with high streaming tracks. Let us unlock your tracks potential by doing the job right.
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EP and Album Production - Songmill Studios icon


At the core of all great artists is great music. Give your audience and potential fans something they can fall in love with. Let us help you put together an incredible EP / Album showcasing your uniqueness.
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Demo Recording - Songmill Studios icon


Demos are a must for artist development. From building song options for eventual production to using in grant applications, let us help you record high quality, pro demos your project deserves.
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Songwriting - Songmill Studios icon


Great songs are the foundation of great artists and long lasting music careers. If you don't have the songs yet, let our award winning songwriters help you write songs that will make an impact.
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Above are only a few of the most popular production and recording services Songmill Studios provides. Working with so many artists for so many years has expanded our capabilities and experience in a wide range of audio recording and production services. Here are just a few others:

  • Radio Jingles (portfolio includes Rythme FM, The Beat, CKOI, CIME and more)
  • Advertisement Jingles (portfolio includes jewelry stores, restaurants, car commercials and more)
  • Voice Over Actors and Recordings (in-house actors available in French, English and Italian)
  • Video Production (portfolio includes educational videos, music videos, car commercials and more)
  • Event Coordination (pas events include music education events, songwriting and more)
  • Voice Lessons
  • Vocal arrangement, production, tuning
  • and many more…

We are working on building pages with more details and examples for the above services. For now, if you would like more info on any of these or other production and recording services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us and it would be our pleasure to assist you.